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Saturday, November 15, 2008

8:03AM - NanoWrimo has not happened.

Didn't do NanoWrimo this month. Started, just really wasn't into it. Still writing the characters though. Might change it up and do a short story for each one as well. Maybe keep writing short pieces for each one to develop them. Also, I've just been to happy with Obama's win. Last year my motivation was revenge on a co-worker.

They are coming along quite nicely. I've started up with dream work again. I've had some interesting results in assuming them before I go to bed - the dreams have been interesting. But I've been cutting myself short on sleep which has had results not just there but in my daily life.

I've been thinking of creating a fourth character as a New Age practitioner. The three I have now are various flavors of traditional and chaos magick workers. I've never really had much use for New Age, which as far as I can tell is warmed over Hindu thought (I've read that in more than one place but can't really give an opinion myself) But I've also thought of looking at it as it's own system of magick, like Wicca or Kabbalah. So this one could be doing some of the easily available stuff out there. Trying to write her, all of my dislikes of New Age mysticism come out. I've got to try and make her more likable if I'm going to work with her. I won't want to assume an entity that I don't like. Actually that I don't respect.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

10:05AM - Hmmm...

Haven't been here in a while. 59 weeks says livejournal.
I think I'm doing Nanowrimo this year. I'm going to use the novel I write to create a few entities. Give them energy and substance through the writing. Seems like a good idea to me.

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Sunday, September 2, 2007

4:49PM - Yayyyy!!!!

The Thinkpad is working!

A couple of years ago I bought an IBM Thinkpad from a guy who was moving. He did say it wouldn't boot up, that it probably just needed a CMOS battery. It took a while to get around to it. And then the first one I got didn't work! I figured the computer was a loss. But I just put one in today - took a chance and got a second one from ebay - and it works! I'm so happy. Now I just have to get some more ram (64 MB just doesn't cut it anymore) and a wireless card, then load Puppy Linux and see where it goes from there!

I didn't want to spend the money for a new laptop when all I was really looking for was a machine for web browsing at some of the coffee shops around here. Some of them are coming down but still, I like the idea of extending the life of some of the older machines. I just hate the waste that's involved with computers.

Current mood: jubilant

Sunday, August 26, 2007

10:40PM - This week

1. The main plant from my last job is closing. And except for a few people from the plant I originally started at, I don't feel too bad. Mid 2004 our company bought a local plant and then proceeded to screw us, the original employees up one side and down the other. The total reverse of what people usually think happens when a company is bought. We were the poor relative. It sucked. And the people at the plant that closed last week took full advantage of it. And now, the same thing has happened to the. The parent company bought another plant and they are clearly treating the new plant as if it were gold. They are the ones staying and the other place (the one that screwed us) is now the poor relative. Even worse, they just laid off 68 people. And I have very little compassion for them. They are getting - with interest - what they gave. Too bad.

I do regret that some of the people from the original place, who have been with the company for years are losing their job. It's not too likely that they'll find another with the pay that they've made. But at this point, I think it is 10 or 15 people from over 100.

2. The guy who ran the plant, along with the sales manager for -wait for it - a whole 70 days had his last day Tuesday. Yayyy!! The original GM saw the writing on the wall and bought controlling interest in a small plant nearby. Too bad, he deserved to get tossed on his ass as well. Both of these guys made life hell for everyone and a couple of my friends. One he got rid of after 15 years with the company, after openly disrespecting him in front of the people he was supposed to be in charge of. I'm glad at least one of them got it though. Life and karma are never perfect.

3. Alas, this idiot has an interview at my place of work! I don't think there's a job opening for him (though my current plant is so dysfunctional you never know) and I don't think the owner can even approach his pay scale if there is something. I think the guy is just making the rounds in the process of looking for a job. God, I hope so.

4. Finally got a new cel phone. I have the worst luck with them. Maybe this one will be better.

5. Also good but not a big deal, I finally got shipping cleaned up. It's my area, I was getting sick of working around the mess. But I finally got the needed time (5 hours) to get it done. Much better.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

5:49PM - Gleeful with revenge

Changes at work. Well the biggest problem came back yesterday. Started out nice, the Plant Manager just sort of rolled his eyes when she started out so reasonable. My friend thought she was putting on an act for the owner. Same friend also thought she had told the owners 'no' when presented with changes to her duties. I do hope they have the balls to keep with the program. She's got the biggest accounts which is scary, I do understand that. But while there's always the threat of taking some accounts with her if she were to leave, it's not always that easy. And there may be a 'no taking clients' line in some document. But then there might not be. So we'll see.

In other work related news. The place I used to work at, where I go so badly screwed is being closed in a couple of months. In 2004 our parent corporation bought them and then screwed us by merging us with them, all the while kissing the ass of the newly bought plant. It was miserable, no one on either side was happy and it was all the new plants people in power. And the made sure we knew it. Well, the same thing has happened and guess what - now they're the ones getting screwed! Yep. They are being let go - not even merged as happened to us. There are some positions in the new place so they get the privilege of interviewing for jobs in the company they've worked for the past few years. I do feel bad for some of the folks from where I worked before the merger.
There are some good people there. But for a lot of people. Not a bit of understanding. They behaved like assholes when they had the chance to be decent, so nothing for them. In fact the guy who was production manager and really screwed over a couple of good friends was told today was his last day. Did I mention his wife, who drove so many people up the wall works there too? Yep, she'd redundant as they say.

I'd like to claim some credit - I did some revenge magick on a few of the people who are SOL now but really, this corporation has been nothing but change and buyout and layoffs and general screwing over of people that it was going to happen at some point. And it will again.

On a completely different note; has anyone had experience with Puppy Linux? I've got an old laptop that I'm going to try and get up and running. I was looking at Damn Small Linux which a lot of people recommend for older machines. This led me to Puppy and I've seen some glowing reviews. A lot of People love it. I've never worked with Linux and running it is one of the reasons I want to get this old laptop running.

Current mood: Vengeful.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

11:17PM - Possible changes at work

For years (before I started) at this job, one person has really been making life difficult for a lot of people. She has been verbally abusive to a lot of people there. For years. And after years of good people - and admittedly some really worthless people - leaving the owner hired an outside HR person to conduct interviews and see what changed needed to be made.

After interviewing everyone who worked there, she came to the shocking conclusion that this person might make things just a bit uncomfortable. The owners haven't done anything about her in the past because she's the person with the biggest sales - all in house but still the largest volume and money - and she had a lot of people convinced that the place would fall apart without her. She's been gone 6 weeks for medical reasons and of course the place is still standing.

So the owners have decided to remove her from her current management position and put her into sales full time. She does not know this. It's going to be done gradually, over the course of the next couple of weeks. It's to avoid drama, which probably won't work but it's human to try and do that anyway.

Should be interesting.

Monday, August 13, 2007

6:43PM - Great time in Portland

So I had a lot of fun at Esozone, learned a lot - I wasn't careful so that's what happens and meat a few folks from LJ. All in all, one of the best weekends I've had in a long time.

Nick Pell and Klint Finley really pulled off a great event. They totally have my respect and thanks.

And Johnny Brainwash gave me one of his zines. Very cool.

I did walk down by the waterfront, they did a nice job on that. I crossed to East Portland. Very different. Really another city, at least the area near the bridge. It was also the first look I got at West Portland and saw that it did indeed have it's share of high towers, just not as many and they weren't all bunched together.

Next time I'll explore East Portland. While West PDX was nice and manicured and very welcoming, the small area I saw of EP was very business like. Not unpleasant so much as 'Hi there, where's your hardhat' I'm in manufacturing so it felt very familiar to me. I thought, 'ah, here's the part of the city that I knew had to exist' Also, I noticed there wasn't much in the way of homeless people or really gritty parts of town. A bit in Chinatown but really nothing compared to Seattle. Then of course as I got to the bridge, I did see more and more of it, though still not what I would consider a lot. But I did feel like a side of the city I'd been missing was finally there.

I had an interesting experience. Both Saturday and Sunday, I totally lost track of time. I was convinced - both mornings - that it was an hour later than it actually was. I'd left my cel in my room, it wasn't acting right (perhaps because I'd dropped it) but I was checking clocks and both days could have sworn I was reading the time right. But perhaps not.

I also realized that if they're 4 hours or less, I really like train rides. On the way home, our car was hooked up so that I spent the entire ride home going backwards. Kind of fun and I spent a lot of time closing my eyes and getting the feeling that I was going forward when I knew I wasn't.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

6:28PM - Great day

I've had a great day at Esozone!

Really enjoyed what I saw, met a couple of livejournal folks -Lady Hearted and Apocalyspo23. In fact got a load of Apocalyspo23's oils. They smell great, and I plan to test out the magickal oils this week. Very good quality.

I wasn't able to take Teriel's workshop on DNA magick, which I wanted to, it was at the same time as the Mutant Meat-up panel discussion.

I was going to see Foolish People but due to very little sleep Thursday night and getting up at my usual time this morning (5 a.m.) I was just hit by a wave of tiredness about 4:30. That I had a big meal didn't help. So I'm just going to take it easy.

But there are a lot of cool people here. There's a lot going on in the occulture scene and really every where. I got into a discussion with LadyHearted about how Portland now is a lot like Seattle was in the late 70's and early 80's. Being here just a couple of days has made me realize how much I miss it.

It's not just that. Portland - West Portland, which is all I've seen - has a very human scale to it. They had good city planning from the start. It shows now.

Current mood: exhausted

Friday, August 10, 2007

4:47PM - Walking around

Well, checked in, had lunch. Then walked around. Portland is totally different than Seattle. It's smaller, compact and there aren't the sort of empty stretches there are (though they're not really empty, it's hard to explain) in Seattle. And it's quiet for a city! It took me a while to find the 'downtown' area but I did. It's just that there doesn't seem to be borders for lack a a better word that let you know when you're leaving one neighborhood and entering another. And it's very nicely planned and laid out, on a grid. I like that. Not much planning in Seattle. Well, there was but about 140 years ago you had two groups with different ideas trying to plan it out. They ignored each other and one group built roads one way, the other a different way and things have been screwed up since.

It also took me a few minutes to realize that most (all?) of the streets are one way, at least in the downtown area. Looks like Pearl and Northwest as well. Which is nice. I was also amazed at how light traffic is during rush hour. And even in the DT area, while there were a lot of people around, it didn't seem nearly as much pedestrian traffic as I'm used to at peak times. Is this just my perception,is it accurate or are peak hour times/areas different than where I've been.

Once I get used to how things are laid out it's an easy city to navigate. I still have a hard time finding landmarks - except for some buildings in the center, it's not full of huge towers like Seattle. Very nice, makes it human but as I said, a little tough on the landmarks.

But I get a real feeling of a small city. I don't mean that in a disparaging way. It's a lot less rushed and crowded than Seattle, not nearly the short tempered, stressed out people around that I'm used to. Hell, I'm one of them. It just kind of stuns me how quiet and light things are on Friday afternoon/evening at rush hour.

Also, I'm sort of confused about the size of the area I'm in. I walked around a bit; China town when I first got off the train. Then to Pearl, Powell's, Down Town, Tower district, now back down to Backspace. I though I covered a lot of territory but I realized It only took about 2.5 hours and that was with time looking at Powell's.

Is this me? Are things unusually quiet? It's a gorgeous day here, so I was expecting big crowds. I'm in the area west of the river. Does it get different across the river or in other areas?

A couple of questions.
1. Are there any occult stores, book or supply in the areas I'm in? and
2. Any shops that sell Arcana soaps and oils in this area?

12:06PM - Just got off the train

ubn Portland about half an hour ago. I'm at the Backspace now. It wasn't until I was on it that I realize, 'oh, this is the Backspace that's part of Esozone!' Forgot the address of where I'm staying at home. Not that it matters with online everywhere.

The trip down was not bad. All on time and I saw an Eagle and a woodpecker between Tacoma and Olympia. Bit of a scare while I was going to the station in Seattle. I hopped on a but to take me closer to King St. station, it's a bit south of the core downtown area. Alas, it was the bus to West Seattle! Thank god I started with my usual OCD habit of going way early. Really, it was only a 20 minute detour and I was still at the station 1/2 an hour before the train pulled out. But I was still kind of freaked. I do these things.

Well, I'm going to see if I can get my tickets and then find my accommodations and look around a bit. Not planning on going tonight, just tomorrow and Sunday.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

5:19PM - Yeahhhhh!!!

I'm going to Portland tomorrow!

Lets see those lazy bastards at work get along without me! Hahahahahaaaaa!

Anyway it shouldn't be too bad. Got almost all of tomorrow's product out either today or prepped so our driver only has to deliver.

Down side of the past couple of days: The Plant manager (really the Production Manager in a shop this size) who is a good guy seems to be getting the same screwing over as the former PM - and my good friend. Coming from my last job where the management was incompetent and/or dishonest as hell while the production people I worked with were great, it's a total flip. The Managers, the two I've worked for have been good, hard working, well experienced people while many of the production (bindery and pre-press) are lazy/whiny/obnoxious. They're really lax in their processes and they like it that way, at least in bindery where I work. They get by doing half of what they would have to in a real shop and when the PM sees it and moves to correct it, they go crying to the owner -"wahhh, daddy, big bad manager was mean to us" sort of thing. And he always backs them. He brings in these men as managers and they're good ones and then proceeds to undermine them in every way. And of course these guys take full advantage of it. It's absolutely ridiculous. I mean, I just want to go up to the guy and shake him. But it's going to continue and there's not anything I, or anyone can really do about it.

Good side:
I created a servitor to bring me information. The first task was to get me the name of a sales contact my friend (now in sales, was the PM before the current guy) Sure enough, I heard the official title of the position - I didn't know what it was originally - and Googled and found it. So I was able to leave a note in my friends mail box. He's on vacation this week but I hope he's pleasantly surprised when he gets back Monday. Always nice to have a quick little success like that.

Well, up early tomorrow. I'm so happy to just have a long weekend and get out of town. And those yummy Esozone workshops look so great. Also, getting a big order of samples form Vajra at Conjure Oils. So looking forward to that.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

5:27PM - The Pagan Potluck

Went alright. Only five people but three were new faces. Long discussions on politics and alternative energy but also on how disjointed the Seattle Pagan community is. I brought up my point that at times I'm not really sure you can call it a community. There are lots of pagans and magick workers but just not a lot of energy to bring it together. Thought the discussion was pretty upbeat, more than you'd think from the above statement.

Johanna Moon was one of the new faces (I think that's her handle on Tribe.net)and she's really active in building up CUUPs in Seattle. She came from Santa Cruz and the Bay area which means she's used to a huge pagan community. She talked about public rituals that could have over a thousand people. I wonder if Seattle will ever get to that point. I expressed the hope that it was something traveling up from the Bay ares; First SF, then PDX and - I hope - it's now our turn to really grow.

Some things at work are pretty good. A few weeks ago one of the press operators left. Which is great. Because while he was top notch pressman he was a crappy person. Made my friends' life miserable while he was there. And now the bindery foreman is no longer there. He was just lazy and negative. And one of the people in the front office is out on medical for the next 4 or 5 weeks. So the three people who were causing the most damage at work are out. And for those of us who are there to work - not be a target - can spend all of our time working rather than spending at least half of it trying to protect ourselves. You can feel the difference.

And I'm going to Esozone. Got the reservations for the train and where I'm staying. I'll get the tickets a little later. But very happy about that. So long since I've been to Portland. Or anywhere for that matter. I really need the time away and to just have a change of scenery.

Friday, June 1, 2007

5:06PM - Great day.

1. It's an absolutely gorgeous day. Very warm but not unbearably hot.

2. I got out early. That has happened about 4 times since I started this job. I usually do at least 1 to 1.5 hours of overtime every day.

3. Tonight I'm going to the Phil Farber lecture that kicks of the seminar he's giving this weekend. Which I'm going to as well.

4. It's payday.

5. I got the book Five Minds for the Future by Howard Gardner. I'm a big fan and this one looks very interesting.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

8:19PM - Idiot pressguy

Gave the company one last 'up yours'. Today was supposed to be his last day but yesterday afternoon he just said that he wouldn't be coming in today. He better have another good job lined up. He's screwed here. Well, I'm just glad he's gone.

I've been doing some magick work for connecting; making some friendships closer, better communication with my friends and generally widening the circle of people I know. As I said creating more closeness with a few people but also creating more friendships in general. And I've been working also for magick to bring information through contact. That's not as manipulative as it sounds. I'm thinking along the lines of the more people you know, the more opportunities you're made aware of, e.g. hearing about jobs but also knowing people who are looking for jobs or a new place to live. Just being able to connect someone who is looking for something with the person who has that something. If that makes sense.

When I started I was thinking of being on the lookout for good job leads, to always have something lined up. But at the moment, things are a little better at work. And I actually know of a couple of job openings there so there's the possibility that I would be the person who gives someone the lead to the job they're looking for.

It's difficult but I think I'm starting to see some results. I'll know over the next few weeks.

Along with patience or rather the lack of it, another one of my problems is that I love planning and starting things, then seeing the results early on. But the minute things slow down or there's a bump, I stop. Actually I often just lose interest. Of course that's not just in magick.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

8:05PM - Last week.

Monday. Called in sick. Because I was. I started out a little nauseous. By the time I was on the bus I was trying to determine if I could make it on the freeway stretch (20 minutes, no stops)with out tossing. Realized that if I wasn't sure, I probably shouldn't take the chance. Called in sick, went to bed, slept from about 9 to 2 in the afternoon. Slept really well too.

After I woke up, I heard about Flixter and joined. Alas, everyone seems younger than me but I still have hope that I'll connect with others who share my movie tastes.

Tuesday. Found out that while there were only about 8 jobs in my department, I'm the only one who knows how to do my job. So what should have taken only 2 to 3 hours took, you guessed it, 8 hours. I'm special!

Wednesday. A guy I used to work with two plants ago now drives for another company and I see him at least a couple of times a week. He told me that the two guys who were doing my job were just hilarious trying to figure it out. He also said that the driver (who I don't particularly get along with) said I was the best shipper/receiver they'd ever had. And he'd been with the company about 15 years.

Thursday. Met at the Elysian Restaurant (12th and Pike in Seattle. Great. Check 'em out) for the Seattle Film meet up. The first one I've been able to make. we got together and picked out what looked good to us in the SIFF. I have yet to post my list but I plan to.

Friday. Great long talk with A. I really enjoy that and not just because I got the news that D overplayed a hand he thought he had but because I got to talk with A for over an hour about a lot of things. I don't get to do that with my friends nearly as often as I'd like.

Also got my oils from Twilight Alchemy Lab. They are: Flying Devil, Chaos (for Chaos magick, not really sure how I'll use it) Perpetuum Bonum, Hand of Hermes, and Black Rage. Take a guess as to what that's for. I can't pick out the scent notes. But when I smell it, I do indeed get a feeling of rage. Not out of control but a sort of dark, simmering, calculating anger that leads to revenge. I remember the line from Dangerous liaisons, "Revenge is a dish best served cold" It's one of my favorite quotes and it immediately came to mind in my first sniff.

Saturday. Lunch with Dom, coffee after. Another good long talk. Then I got my step-mom a really nice bouquet at the Pike market. Now through September there are farmers with huge, gorgeous, fresh flowers. Better than anything from the supermarket. Didn't travel as well as I'd hoped but my step-mom loved the color combo.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

7:07PM - I have the feeling

That I'm forgetting something. That I had something planned for this weekend, particularly Sunday. But I can't remember. I don't know if the feeling is accurate or just the result of the last couple of weeks. A bit stressful.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

11:26PM - This week

Has been interesting for work.

Last Friday, not yesterday the kid I work with - and have had a lot of trouble working with - came in, clearly high on something. My boss thought he'd been in a bar fight: his hand was cut up and he'd taken some damage to his cheek. He went around hugging everyone and asked one of our regular temps for a kiss after the hug. He was in an unusually good mood. And talking a mile a minute. So the owner pulled him aside and spent about 15 minutes negotiating a way for him to get home safely. Which I guess he did. When the temp asked him if he was on anything, he said just Vicodan for the pain. She said something about 'taking one too many!' But my experience of Vicodan was that it put me to sleep. It didn't turn me into a squirrel. But every one reacts differently.

Monday his mom called in, told my boss he was in the hospital for a week. Later in the afternoon A (my boss) came and told me he wasn't coming back. Seems he was filing an L&I claim, that he was hurt at work. But no one saw it, he didn't say anything about being hurt on the day that he claimed (the Wednesday before last Friday) so the owner's not buying it.

ON the magick front I'm re-reading The Book of Exhilaration and Mastery. I've got some goals in mind, mundane but they really could be helped with this. I've also started The Book of Atem. I got it almost a year ago when Phil Farber (the author) held a workshop here. He's holding another one this June and I plan to be there. His area is open handed magick. I made a list of all the OH techniques I know, though don't always practice. There's really quite a lot out there. Some traditional practices (the MPR and Rising on the planes) fit into my definition of OH magick.

I want to try to get into a regular practice of OHM. The Mastery technique is some thing that I can do a few times a week, even daily for my goals. And I've got some variations on Phil's work, some of my own ideas. I'm good at the new idea part. Not quite so good at actual practice.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Went to my friends goodbye party last night. The friend from the post prior to this one. She's leaving the same place I left almost 5 months ago. I can't believe it's that long.

Anyway, had a great time. While a number of people from that place showed up - not like they couldn't, she was about to be the buyer for their biggest client - it was clear from the start that this was largely a reunion of people from the old place. I got to see my old supervisor, I was very happy about that. And the last hour was down to about 6 of us, spending a lot of time talking, joking around.

Great evening, well worth the lack of sleep.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

9:25PM - Lucid dreaming

The past couple of mornings I've been doing a bit of this. I have a routine that works fairly well.

I get up around 3 or 4 in the morning, move from bed to my recliner. I read for about 10 or 15 minutes. But I stay very still, as little physical movement as possible. Something to get my mind going a bit but still stay very relaxed, as close to physical sleep as possible. Then I turn of the light, lean back and sort of feel myself drifting off. At this time the cat of course is sleeping on my stomach. This morning as I was drifting off, I felt as if I was falling forward, moving in the chair. I knew I wasn't because the cat was sleeping peacefully. He was surprisingly useful. I was able to keep some lucidity for a while. Then went fully into sleep.

I sort of found this method years ago. I remember once waking early, reading in bed for about half an hour. Then I turned of the light and with in seconds I felt myself falling into the mattress.

I'm going to try this morning. It will be a work day, hope it doesn't come back to bite me in the ass.

Friday, February 23, 2007

10:19AM - Another escape

of a friend from the old work place.

She was the overworked, under-appreciated peon who was the coordinator for the places largest account.

Wednesday she gave her notice. She is leaving to become the print buyer for that same account. She has gone from being just one more unhappy,trapped, idiot (in the current management's opinion - they think all of us from the original place are idiots) to being their biggest customer. At a big raise in pay.

Is this what they mean when they say 'living well is the best revenge?'

Heh. Heh. Heh.

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